Baccalaureate Ceremony

2020 Ceremony is May TBD, 6:00 pm, at Piedmont Baptist Church (Students should arrive at 5:30 pm in Cap and Gown) Each year Kell PTSA honors the graduating class by sponsoring Baccalaureate. The Baccalaureate ceremony is a celebration of and thanksgiving for lives dedicated to learning and wisdom. Baccalaureate is the “beginning of the end”, that is, the first official ceremony of graduation leading up to the final step – the actual Graduation ceremony. The Kell Baccalaureate Ceremony is intended to celebrate the many talents of our seniors, as well as give seniors an opportunity to highlight their time at Kell. Seniors perform, sing, and MC this ceremony – it truly is all about them! In order to accommodate a large number of people, the Baccalaureate Ceremony usually takes place at church in our community on a weekend or week night during the week leading up to graduation. Invitations with specific details are distributed to all graduating seniors in May. NO tickets are required to attend this ceremony. You may invite all the friends and relatives you wish to share in this celebration of your seniors’ graduation. It is important to note, Baccalaureate is not a school funded event. This special ceremony is planned, implemented and paid for by the parents of seniors. PTSA does not receive any funds from class dues or any other fees you may have paid to the school. To cover the cost of Baccalaureate, PTSA asks parents of seniors to make a $25 Baccalaureate donation. If you would like to be involved in making Baccalaureate a special event for your senior and family, please volunteer to help. You may contact the PTSA Baccalaureate Committee Chair at Please remember to send in your $25 Baccalaureate Donation to ensure this ceremony is a success. Click here for the SrDuesLetterHomesFor2020