PTSA Senior Scholarships

Kell PTSA awards scholarships to Kell graduating seniors that are continuing their education. The number of scholarships available and the amount of the individual scholarships varies yearly, based on the PTSA budget. There is no GPA or testing score requirement. However the following criteria must be met:

  • You must be a Kell PTSA student member to apply for the PTSA Scholarship. Deadline to join Kell PTSA is March 11th  of the student’s graduation year.
  • Deadline to submit the application may vary slightly from year to year, but is March 3rd.
  • The application will have specific dates and drop off location. All requirements listed on the application must be met.

The scholarship will be awarded on Honors Day at Kell in the spring.

2018 Kell PTSA scholarshipappPTSA Scholarship Rubicfor cattle call the PTSA Scholarship application and guidelines.

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