PTSA Leadership Duties

Leadership is engaging members of a group to make a commitment. This commitment involves time, energy and some financial investments to accomplish the goals of the group. PTSA goals are to work together to advocate for OUR children and to the benefit and education of all.

Our communities will rely on the education and upbringing in the future. It is the quality of education and training that they receive that progresses our communities with positive growth. It takes adults in the present to make the investment in our children for the future. Commit to making all students receive quality education and training.

PTSAs are not just about the parents of the children but needs the grandparents and all local people to invest in their time and energy. The entire school community should have an interest in making their local education one of high quality and standards. Our schools influence the community as a whole through property values and available local jobs/careers. The endeavor to promote our local schools should not be taken lightly but one of extreme importance and diligence.

Make sure your PTSA:

  • listens to all
  • clarifies all
  • think, discuss, and unify
  • lead with professionalism
  • encourage!

Results will be astounding when we all work together to provide quality education for all people. Make sure your investments count!

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